I love Flipboard!

So, in spite of our discussions about “not spending too much” on Christmas presents this year, my husband surprised me with a brand spanking new iPad. Perhaps it was a form of reparations for being the solo salary during his 6 months of glorious unemployment?! Either that, or it was something he decided “we” couldn’t live without.  😉

Anyway. I have a new iPad. And I have to admit…I’m pretty geeked about it. I have spent the last few days reading reviews on the app store, downloading the 2010 top free apps, and just generally tinkering around with the silly thing in public so I can strut my new fanboy status. I know…DORK!

In all my research and general geekery, the one app that I am completely IN LOVE with is Flipboard. It aggregates all of your social media networks and places them in a positively lovely editorial template. You interact with it like reading a well-designed magazine…only the content is generated by you and your friends.

Embedded links pop up like articles:

Photos view like a portfolio:

And it’s content is fully customizable. Seriously. LOVE.

OH…and the best part. Did I mention that it’s FREE!??!??!??!

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